I am always keen to share my skills in the community doing workshops and painting murals. Usually in schools or community areas. I love to work with the children so they are part of the mural if possible, its great they can share in my sense of achievment and it reinforces pride in their environment.....and cheers us all up too!



This Under the Sea mural is in Keech Hospice in Luton, I have left it quite open with room for more detail as we plan to work with the children making fish and crabs and all exotic things to add to it! We are going to make treasure for the chest and add more glass nuggets too....Its going to be amazing....! 




I am happy to bring my workshop skills to your school so please ask. I am fully aware of all curriculum requirements, have CRB clearance and am a trained Teaching Assistant NVQ3 and very happy to tailor what I do with what you need. Workshops can be a great way to get groups working together with small, speedy projects everyone can take part in!

Below is Year Twos making stained glass 'windows'




Mural work is great fun, I love my work to be interactive and create multi-sensory work which can be touched and enjoyed in many ways....and the bigger THE BETTER!

I am passionate about my work and lifting spirits, so much so that I focus on places to show my work where this can benefit most of all, such as Hospitals and Doctors Surgerys, Therapy suites and waiting areas where stress levels can be high!

My art is very touchable and I love it to be touched, my goal is for my art to be appreciated by the partially sighted and blind art lover. I have researched  using braille within my work in the future but I have been advised that Braille is an outdated 'language' so I may have to follow the electronic route and have MP4 recordings describing my art...maybe I can include touch sensitive pads...?!!

Above all if I am able to help you, I will.... 




This expressions mural was painted with year fours at Renhold Lower School.  

I planned and worked with them on their topic of Expressions and how your face changes....this mural was extended later to include the whole school - looks amazing!  Alice in Wonderland was the topic book so I worked a mural around that theme too.

This feelings wall can be a useful tool in therapy and discussion work too.