COMMERCIAL ARTWORK I started working in the Graphics and Design industry from sixth form. I got a portfolio of art together and went round all the design agencies, illustrators and studios within a bus distance from my home and brazenly begged for work! Thankfully a top design agency in Luton called McLeod Warner saw potential in this cocky eighteen year old and gave me a job as a Junior Designer.

This meant lots of runs to the coffee machine for the Senior Designers as well as all the mundane jobs such as filing the artwork and delivering to clients. With an inhouse reprographics department and design studio I learnt a massive amount from hands on experience and from the other designers. It was really hard work but I learnt such a lot and was very lucky to have this start. Sadly the Director Baden Warner had a serious car accident and the business was downsized resulting in some that was my grounding in the industry from a top agency. It was a brilliant time for me!  I went on to work for all sorts of clients as a freelancer, eventually setting up my own agency and later as a print buyer and then back into reprographics. All the time working freelance mainly as an illustrator.


So my work has been varied, from fine portraiture and illustration, murels to Christmas cards for local hotels.

So here is a selection from my extensive portfolio....

 The Ship in pastel Jacqueline Mia art


Jacqueline Mia 

Jacqueline Mia artist oil piece for book cover 

Jacqueline Mia art pencil pastel portrait 

jacqueline mia artist pencil illustration

jacqueline mia artist saucy cowgirl greeting card and poster 

jacqueline mia charcoal sketch one of a series 

LWL magazine cover