It is always difficult to describe yourself isnt it?

Well, I have been selling my artwork since my school days.?I? had a steady stream of art commissions for pet portraits and children, even family group portraits - always nerve-wracking! I just love to touch Mum will tell you how I was always the one who had to put a finger in the shiny icing on a freshly iced cake....irresistible!  Im drawn to texture and have to see how things feel...this is reflected in my work - I encourage you to touch my work and experience the different textures.....go on - you know you want to!




IN THE BEGINNING....I trained as a Graphic Designer, back in the days when the artwork was hand drawn with a pen and board - much more fun! I specialised in logo design and technical illustration. I enjoyed a stimulating and varied career until I started my family when everything seemed to grind to a halt - well I do have three children!

I have always painted though, to preserve my sanity and have continued to fulfill the varied art commissions that continued to trickle my way. It wasn't until my children were all at school that I decided to pursue my artistic ambitions more fully. Which also involved me becoming more involved with children and their creativity which I am increasingly passionate about. I have worked for four years in the village school here and have been on many courses to help me develope the childrens creative side of their personality which is hugely important for the development of their creative thinking and learning. I have recently branched out to work within other Primary Schools with my Art Workshops and I hope to develope these further.

I love to produce artwork using vibrant colours with movement and texture - something out of the ordinary to make the viewer stop and look harder. I also produce gentler pieces for the quiet moments we all have, peaceful pieces to calm the mind. My main objective is always to enhance and stimulate your emotions, I produce uplifting and inspiring art to have a positive effect on your mood.


WORKING PRACTICE EXPLAINED...Some of my larger artworks are heavily textured and embellished to create beautiful evocative depth and texture that just makes the viewer itch to touch it - and this is okay by me! Exactly what I want!  I am passionate about my art being interactive and multi-sensory and able to be appreciated in so many more ways that just visually. I am very focussed on creativity and the part it has to play in helping us in all areas of our lives. There is a serious side to art but it always has a positive role to play and thats what I love about it...most of all though it can be so much fun! 

I use fabulous fabrics too - whatever it takes! Sometimes a whole piece of work will be inspired by a colour or texture of something I have picked up, I then work the canvas around it. I get so excited when I come across something gorgeous !  My usual inspirations are taken from nature, the colours and texture and sheer cleverness of nature inspires me constantly. Poppies are a love of mine if you havent spotted that already...its just something about their fragile beauty but still so vibrant that gets to me every time. 

I start with the dimension and texture of a piece - working this until i am happy with the depth and different textures i have included. I build out the depth on the curve of a petal or fold of a leaf to give realistic dimensions. I sculpt the forms with a brush. I go on to use thick acrylic paints to create my beautiful colour and tonal effects and dimension which I then lacquer to create the depth I want, some pieces I leave to create a contrast with the glossy and matt. I endeavour to keep my work accurate and true to the plant as possible. I work from the actual plant where I am able to, occasionaly I have stylised the plant to aid my composition...sometimes its just for fun!


happy meadow


Happy Meadow - before painting.  


I feel art is not only to decorate and enhance your surroundings but to brighten your day in whatever way you need it to, whether to make you smile or just to make you pause for a moment to catch your breath.

I happily discuss artwork commissions so please get in touch if you would like something a little unusual for yourself!