Lincoln ART Ninjas


I set up Lincoln ART Ninjas in 2017….but I have been Art Ninjaing for many years!

It is an extension of a project I started in 2012 in Bedford, then took to Cambridge and now I am settled in Lincoln – so its here to stay!

Let me explain what its all about…

I love creating and am a huge crusader for creativity as a powerful force for good in the world. I am inspired by its power to connect people and its mental health benefits are multi-faceted in peoples lives.

Having moved around a little in the last five years I realised how disconnected I felt from the areas I lived and as a creative person I wanted to share my passion and skills with the community I was in. So I started leaving little painted stones and postcard art around where I lived. I then branched out and would leave something wherever I went. I loved the feeling it gave me, of doing something secret, and spreading a smile using my skill. I also was really aware of the sense of isolation and loneliness being new to an area can bring. Doing my secret art drops gave me a sense of connection to the community and made me feel less isolated, and honestly I am sure it kept depression at bay!

MiaMonroe Rocks

Now I am settled in the lovely city of Lincoln, I thought I would bring it to the community where I live. To enhance the lives of others and share a smile with strangers.

I set up the Facebook page to let people know where the drops had been in the hope that people would explore this beautiful place. I am so excited to be able to share a little kindness and make peoples day! So Lincoln ART Ninjas was born.

Art Ninja-ing is about secret art drops in your community. My thinking is that as it grows I will be able to encourage others to do some Art Ninjaing too. My end goal is to create groups and creative workshops to help people in the community feel less isolated, to give people a sense of purpose in their day.

Lincoln ARTninjas

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I am passionate about everyone being able to create. Doing something small is far less intimidating and much more achievable, and affordable for most people. I would love to inspire others to give it a try and to spread a smile them selves.

If ART Ninjas can do that I will be a very happy Ninja!

The Facebook page is here.

( Find us on Instagram too!)

Come along and say hi!

Mia x